I feel like the reveal range for Camouflage should scale with the champions AA range

Its currently a flat 700 units, which is better for some champions, and worse for others. For example, Evelynn vs Twitch. Evelynn has to be within 125 units to auto-attack, but Twitch can auto-attack from 550 units. Evelynn has to be out of stealth for much longer than Twitch, in order to even reach her foes. And this holds true for any ranged stealth champion, vs any melee stealth champion. In order to make this a bit more fair, how about changing up the Camouflage reveal radius. Instead of a flat 700, how about a flat amount plus a percentage of the champions attack range. For example, it could be, _625 + (0.6 Champion's attack range)_. This keeps Evelynn at 700 units, sets Twitch at 955 units, and Rengar at 1060 units. Thoughts?

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