can someone tell me how im sopposed to carry ths?

Captured with Lightshot
i have a jax with no clue how to gank smite or position who constantly just jumps in 1v3 and dies then whenever i ping missing he calls me toxic and says "nice one riven" when he knwos damn well hes inting. the vlad has less gold than the supp and was absolutely atrocious i couldnt do shit i had most damage gold and k/p why am i getting bunched up for a loss withthese people? i ddi everything. i won my lane roamed and got every pick known to mankind. why should i accept a loss when 2 of these people u placed me with were complete horseshit at this game? their only way of winning was just focusing me knowing im the only one who wasnt trolling. why? the only ganks i got my jax walked in and died 3 times . why?

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