So with all the outrage going on Boards with Riot's latest changes...

... what's next for the community? Continue ranting/blaming without end? Hoping, by some chance Riot hears us or tries to listen? Waiting for another streak of changes that (hopefully) adress what the Boards have been calling Riot upon? I mean, **come on**. The circlejerk can continue to literally "infinity and beyond". We can rant all we want. We can whine all we want. Call Riot on the bad/terrible decisions made to League. Belittle their design choices regarding champions/items/runes etc. Despise of the balance team. Trash talk them, berate, tell how incompetent, biased, ignorant or whatever else they are. This has been happening on a straight uprising for the last 2-3 seasons. But as it stands in the end, it's all after Riot Games again. It's them who make these decisions regarding the game and we have utmost no control over what is going to happen next. Changes that make no sense/terrible balance-wise/absolutely horrid if not insane on paper again and again and again. "Change for the sake of change" philosophy. Are we just going to rant for a while then get used to yet again another horrible change, accept the new game state and endure another broken season? The recent patch adressed mostly nothing and/or made every season 8 problem in League of Legends even worse. Season 9 will be mostly exactly the same. The game is turning into a comtetitive URF mode. Like, what are we even supposed to do apart from endlessly ranting on Riot's behalf? The only thing that comes to mind is boycotting RP purchases, but boards is a minor part of a much larger community... ... I guess the game's state is going to pass this season. **As it is**. **_Yet again_**. Edit: At the time of editing, the votes are as follows: 1 - 96 votes 2 - 71 votes 3 - 74 votes Before you vote further, I want you to have a look at this: For the first time in my entire league career I see champions be literally **dead** data-wise. This is not just a temporary case here. Every single game or design - wise decision has led to this moment: where you see _this_. It has come to a point where third party sites (op gg here) cannot gather **enough information** about these champions because of how underplayed they are. Champions are literally left _in the dust_ because they simply don't belong in today game's state. They can't keep up. I remember these two being played both in ranked and the competitive scene but never have I seen them be in this position. Thousands of people play ranked today and there's **not even enough data** for just TWO champions. And I'm not talking on behalf of these champions' mains or anything, I don't play them at all. But just the fact that THIS IS A THING makes me more than worried about game's state. So before you vote, remember: _Every single game-wise decision has led to what you see in the pictures above_
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