I think Akalis issue is she's balanced around mid lane and played in top lane

I have been getting into TF blades stream lately, to check out how he's doing cause of all the reddit hype. I noticed in mid lane he has an actual difficult time farming. He is being harassed constantly, has to dodge skillshots, and is abusable when her shroud is down. Meanwhile, in top lane, he basically just ignores his opponent, gets free farm, and if he's ever traded with he heals it all up in 10 seconds while outdamaging the grand majority of laners. Akali isn't meant to have free reign over her lane. That's the issue. She's allowed to scale like she normally does. She has three targeted dashes, and another one with her shroud, and only 8 seconds of downtime assuming she hasn't leveled W or has any CDR. This doesn't include her use of zonyas, one of her core items. Also, if he even gets one assist or kill, whenever he goes back to lane he literally says, "Whenever she comes back now, she's just gonna get 1 hp'd." I challenge you to name another champion that can abuse such a minor lead so hard. The champion is busted and is going under the radar.
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