Tracking my Ladder Points (Part 1 of however many) 1/21-1/23

This is something out of the blue, but I want to write about tracking my own elo and how far I have gone for each day that I play ranked. Backstory: I've been playing this game for about 3-4 years (started Season 5) and I've only started to try to play more competitively but trying to have fun. Back in Season 5, I played a lot of jungle due to watching a lot of LCS and how the jungle was a huge part in helping the team. I played a very few amount of junglers at that time (Wukong and Gragas) but I ended up in Silver IV my first try, which is a huge surprise to myself. However, the next seasons I ended up placing in bronze due to the lack of knowledge and mechanics of the game. For the past few years I've been somewhat embarrassed that I couldn't make it back into silver or at least try to get into it again. However, this season I feel more competitive and want to climb up as far as I can this season. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} During the preseason I ended up being in Bronze II with 0lp. This was the same rank I went to before Season 7 ended. Now, on to Season 8! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} At the very start of the season (Yes I know I shouldn't be doing that but I did) I went 5-5 for my placements playing ADC and doing well in some of those games. In the end, I ended up being in Bronze III 0lp. This led to me thinking that I shouldn't be playing ADC anymore, and drove me to play Support (which I now love playing). My first start to the ranked season is here: How I will showcase it would be the champion indicated by their icon, how many times I have played, and how many victories I got on that day. [1/21] {{champion:89}} - Played: 1 time Victories: 1 {{champion:53}} - Played: 2 times Victories: 1 {{champion:12}} - Played: 1 time Victories: 1 Climbed up to ~80lp that day Thoughts: I really had a good time playing support. I was very happy I had a positive start to the new season. [1/22] {{champion:44}} - Played: 2 times Victories: 2 {{champion:89}} - Played: 3 times Victories: 3 {{champion:12}} - Played: 1 time Victories: 0 Climbed up to promos then went to Bronze II with ~42lp that day Thoughts: I was really surprised at how much I've won, and I wanted to continue that the next day. This day was definitely one of my good days when playing league where I have a lot of wins. [1/23] {{champion:44}} - Played: 3 times Victories: 2 {{champion:89}} - Played: 2 times Victories: 2 {{champion:53}} - Played: 1 time Victories: 0 {{champion:12}} - Played: 2 times Victories: 0 Since I created this post today, I'm going to indicate how far I went in lp on 1/23. Played 2 games: got 87lp lost the next 2 games: 42lp (Lost 45 total) won the next 2 games: 75lp (Gained 33) Then I lost the next 2 games. Thoughts: Today wasn't really a good day for me. I know that tomorrow I will pick up my slack and climb up more. My current standing: Bronze II 43lp Difference: +1lp Favorite Champs to play so far for ranked: {{champion:89}} {{champion:44}} Now if anybody read this all, {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Thank you for reading in the first place! I'm still new to the whole supporting thing since I played ADC a lot, so if anybody could give me any tips on how to play support a lot better, then leave a comment or something. This post does not indicate whether I tilted or not. I can for sure right now that I have barely tilted in any of these games. I went with the mindset that I shouldn't tilt and even if we have a bad start we need to chill out and play for the team. I am still using this mindset for when I play ranked. This post is also not indicated as a tiltpost (I don't even know if that's a word) it's just something that I want to look back and express what my thoughts are for my ranked season. As I say now whenever I play a game of league, Don't Tilt. Play for your team. Destroy your enemies. Thanks for reading! Hope to anyone that's reading this goes into a ranked game happy and motivated to win the game! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}

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