Elo Hell does exist, and it's for the unlucky

Stuck in Elo Hell right now, and I certainly believe it can be any division. I also think you can plainly see why it happens. I have been in G4 for weeks now, losing 20 points for every loss while gaining only 14 for every win. That's right, rito says my MMR doesn't match where I am, so they literally make it to where I have to maintain a 60% win rate just to CLIMB 2 LP EVERY 5 GAMES!!! So now, even though I've had my third demotion, after already getting re promoted twice, I don't know if I have it in me to play anymore. Just got demoted again, in a game I was ahead, because of 2 d/c's. One came back, one did not... of course it would have been an easy game too. Funny thing is several seasons ago I facerolled my way all the way to G1 into my plat promos before I went on a big losing streak that made me mad enough to quit the game. But now apparently I'm not even "good" enough to get past S1 since I keep getting demoted. Well this time, I hit that inevitable big losing streak in S1 and my MMR has been screwing me ever since. Got to S1 with something around a 65% win rate, now it's under 50%. I frequently win lane or go even, I just only manage to really stomp like 1 in 10 games or something. Usually I will just barely come out ahead (I like to play late game carries), but then be met with some 7/0 top or mid that just destroys the whole team. Or I'll be trying to carry from the jungle and have killed the enemy jungle and counter jungle the **** out of him, only to be met with lanes that feed and leave the score 4 - 17. Funny, a couple games ago I decided to play Rammus. Ganked the **** out of bot lane, and got our Vayne fed. She had 11 kills by the end of the game and i have like 5 or something. Vayne literally did the least amount of damage of anyone on the team. So I can't play carry roles and try to play, because my teammates just feed, and I can't play gank heavy roles because then my teammates just don't do anything with their lead. Everyone says, you'll climb if you win over 50% of your games, and there is no Elo Hell, just look at how easy the challengers climb out when they do their series. Well, I never said I was challenger. But I can tell you I am better that most of the feeders and BS that I encounter. I can count on TWO FINGERS, FOR REAL, the amount of times I have won because of an enemy d/c. I've have lost at least 10 because of a d/c on my team. I remember specifically a couple teammates that bought items and moved around a little, then immediately d/c'd from the beginning, so we couldn't even remake. Statistics don't stay even for everyone at all times. There is always 5 winners and 5 losers in every single game. For one persons win, there always has to be someone else's loss. If someone is on a winning streak, someone is on the losing streak. It's just the nature of luck some people will get carried more often than others and some people are going to be stuck with feeders every other game. **TL:DR Elo Hell is for those that go on a big losing streak to trash their MMR and then are on the unfortunate side of the dice roll for teammates. I'm not challenger, and when rito puts your MMR in the toilet, it makes it near impossible for people to climb without literally hard carrying nearly every single game.** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------SEE UPDATE POSTED BELOW------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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