I understand that riot is balancing around the lcs, doesn't mean i have to be happy about it

I also understand that pbe can change very frequently but these are my initial feelings/thoughts Shen, Gnar, Sivir, Vlad, Taliyah, and Ekko are probably some of the bigger play makers right now in the lcs, or are just really strong picks for competitive play. All of them are receiving nerfs as of right now, poor Shen{{item:3070}}. It annoys me that the normal player just has to take hits to their favorite champions just because the top 1% of players do amazing with them. The one with the second highest winrate is Ekko with 55 after taliyah, the others rest at ~49% my girl {{champion:163}} probably deserves a hit because she is straight up one of the best midlaners in the game and the pros and mains both do really fuckin good(51% win rate as an average and a 58% winrate for those who put over 125 games), honestly she will probably go the {{champion:421}} route of "being so god like in their specific role they will get nonstop nerfed and never being compensated for it", i think the harshest part of it is the hit the the Q no longer doing 50% to minions cuz pushing waves is bad yo, but it's not that bad and those who are great at her will still maintain that 58% winrate. But SHEN MAN, CMOOOON, THE DUDE IS JUST DOING HIS THING HELPING OUT A SINGLE BRO AT A TIME MANNNN, even those who put a lot of games into him only have like a 50% winrate, it ain't right man #prayforshen. I understand that you want more people to watch worlds and by nerfing the popular picks you'll force the teams to scramble and try to find some better fits, i understand that balancing around the performance of the 1% is simpler than balancing around the casual players because that would probably suck, because if champions that are just below viable for competitive being buffed to put them into competitive would probably just decimate solo q, it's just a damn shame when some champions that walk the line of being completely fine in both scenes like {{champion:98}} get nerfed because they lean **too ** far close to the competitive side of things. I could be wrong about a lot of what i said, but i say these things to open a discussion of it and would like your feedback and thoughts on the matter.
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