Are league of legend "Bosses" way too weak?

sure Baron, Herold and Elder Dragon have a lot of HP but usually taking them is super easy by that stage in the game. -Their damage just isn't relevant and the only thing you worry about while doing them is if you can get it before the enemy team basically making them kind of like capture the flag minigame. The boss usually auto locks on to the first champ to enter the pit which usually is the tank/bruiser who most definitely take 0 dmg. some ways I think we could "improve" their offensive abilities is: 1. make them automatically target the champ with lowest current hp ( so the {{champion:22}} who just came from the fight cant kill it with 50 hp while the {{champion:19}} tanks) 2. Let's face it dragons do close to no damage mid to late, so maybe give them a knockback ability similar to that when you first hit them every 5 seconds, maybe even liandry's passive with double the attack speed (i tried to stay away from new mechanics) 3. Baron can maybe actually have Thornmail like passive (without grevious wounds ofc) or giving it that sick passive that Vilemaw has (Vilemaw, i feel is what you can call a real boss does damage and looks sick) That's all I can think of right now feel free to comment your own thoughts or criticize mine lol {{sticker:cass-cry}}
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