How to change ON-HIT items into more healthier and satisfying alternatives.

**Warning: This is a long post, skip to the bottom if you hate reading.** I have a suggestion that will benefit every single ON-HIT champion to some extent. Why not reevaluate these 3 items together. {{item:3091}} -Who is building Wits end as a core? I think that apart from Kayle and Teemo no one buys the item. Problem with item: Underwhelming, not known about, not reccomended enough. Unsynergistic with most champion kits. On-hit build prefers Nashors and Guinsoo because they do more damage. Proposed change: Turn this item into an item for auto-attacking tanks. Since tanks already have better MR items to rush I suggest we drop the MR completely and add gold equivalent HP. This way item will even have some synergy with Titanic Hydra. You can still use item to steal MR, but you the HP will keep you alive until you actully steal it. {{item:3115}} -Core on Kayle, On-Hit Teemo. Can be built by Kog, Varus and Kai Sa for some decent damage and synergy with their passives. Problem with item:Too expensive, comes online too late, requires quite a bit of AP to be better, CDR stat is usually wasted in on hit builds. Proposed change: Push it more into the direction for AP-ON-HIT builds. Remove the CDR, the users of this item want to autoattack not throw abilities every couple of seconds so it is useless for them anyways. Reduce the gold cost so that its users will hit the powerspike at the same time as other champions, make it benefit more from AP or Magic Penetration, or add some AP. {{item:3124}} - Built on Vayne, Yi, Jax, Kai`Sa, Kog`Maw and Varus. What all of these champions have in common is that they prefer to build AD instead of AP. (Though some of them can be equally successful with AP builds as well). Problem with item: EIther too strong and always core or too underwhelming. Unhealthy synergy with 3-hit (and 5-hit) passives. Allows for way too much damage. Proposed change: Turn it into a full AD item, drop MagicPen and AP, now in order to remove the ~~broken~~ unfun double on-hit passive I propose we allow this item to allow its user to break AS barrier BUT ONLY when the user reaches 6 stacks. That way the item is still core on most of these users, but fixes most of the problems with the BURST PER SECOND. TLDR: Fixes the identity of each item turning them into items better for their specific classes. {{item:3124}} Guinsoo no longer has unhealthy passive, now good only for AD ON-HIT builds. {{item:3091}} Wits End is now a better option for tanks overall by shifting power from MR into HP. {{item:3115}} A slight tweak by removing CDR and lowering the cost. Now an item for AP ON-HIT builds.

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