Most of the Keystones favor AD

Precision: -Press the Attack: It is procked by auto attacks -Lethalt Tempo: It gives attack speed - Fleet Footwork: Heals on auto attacks and gives ms. In theory this could work, but its really not what a mage wants, its only taken on champions who really have no better options.( {{champion:112}} ) -Conqueror: It only gives AD. Domination: -Electrocute: Its good on some burst mages, but its cd mages it horrible in laning phase. -Predator: There are like 2 champs who can abuse this very well, and no one else really uses it. -Dark Harvest: Decent on some junglers, and it is procked by autos -The new Hail of Blades: Its basically just a better version of lethal tempo, which is in domination only because there are no places left in precision. Like srsly no one who takes domination normally will go for this, it just opens up this tree for marksmen, since it gives atk speed. Sorcery: - Summon Aery: Most champs can only use it to a 50% effectivesness since they cant use the shield part of it. It was meant for supports anyways. -Arcane Comet: Bascially the mage keystone(altough a lot of other champs take it as well.) Its really good on poke mages, and on some dot mages, bacuse of the cd refund, but its really bad on burst mages and not so good on battle mages. -Phase Rush: It was meant for battle mages but only Cassio on Aurelion really uses it. Its pretty bad atm. Resolve: - Grasp of the undying and Aftershock: These were ment for ad bruisers and tanks. Neither of them are useable on mages. -Guardian: A support rune. Inspiration: - Kleptomancy: It has never really been used by mages, even tough it could be easly procked via their ranged autoattacks. Its mostly good on ad champions who can abuse it. -Glacial Augment: Literally no one uses this one. Even if it was used it would be better on ads since it is procked by auto attacks. The active item part doesnt help it either. - Unsealed spellbook: Its prolly the second most common rune on mages after comet(altough not sure if it will be, considering it has been changed). I think its so common only because nothing else really works on them atm. But its decent nonetheless. So yea. AP champions, mages in particular, could see at least one new keystone.
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