Itemization and tips for being a great support

As someone who mained {{champion:16}} during their first weeks of playing the game, I think there are things I am missing, especially as I start to consider playing competitive. Of my small pool of support champions, I play her the most if my team needs a support or I don't get other roles. With that inn mind, I do harass, I don't know when I should exactly be taking cs, and my positioning and ult timing is not perfect. I didn't even know her ult was global until a month or so ago! This is my thread where I will be asking questions about how to play support better and protect my adc or other team members in both team fights and lane, what I should be/ not be doing, and anything else that I may be missing. My support champion pool is: {{champion:16}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:26}} and {{champion:45}} support is a thing, but I don't think he really fits in as a support necessarily so I play him as a support rarely if at all.
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