Why not make an item with a dodge active?

So I think most of you remember (it was before my time) when dodge was an item stat. It was an rng defensive mechanic to combat rng crit (this is my guess). It was removed for reasons I don't really know but it had something to do with RNG being unhealthy. Fast forward to the assassin rework and we reach a problem that assassins get bursted too easily by ADCs because they can't take 2-3 crit hits in the timeframe for their combo to go off. There's no way to actually avoid auto attacks outside of a few select champion abilities, but what if we made an item with a dodge active? Something like Serrated Dirk + longsword= Kinkou Kunai Active: Champion dodges auto attacks for the next whole second. Obviously this is a rough sketch of what it could be. The point isn't whether these stats are good, but if adding a dodge active is a good idea or not. So, thoughts?
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