Most op champion in low elo

Lets give a champion a lvl 1 zonyas that does half of just about anyone's hp. (tanks included thanks to that extra armor pen he got a pew patches ago) dont forget that LITTERLY NOTHING CAN STOP IT. your turret pfff lvl 5 and he can kill you underturret. dont forget he does true dmg and is given extra ad from his e also his w is going to make him 2.5 times tankyer then a full hp mundo and heal him his ult gives him more attack speed and move speed so you cant run and with his base armor pen if your a tank he's gonna camp you under your tower bc you cant kill him with the sheer amount of life steal EVERY PLAYER BUILDS the point is yi is 110% unstoppable unless you have a team (those dont exist in low elo) or you can hard cc him and kill him within that time. AND YOU BUFFED IT THE STRONGEST CHAMPION IN LOW ELO NEEDS A NERF AND YOU BUFF HIM NOW NO ONE CAN KILL HIM AND 8/10 YI GAMES THERE 11/2 BY 10 MIN IT NEEDS TO STOP OR IM QUITING LEAUGE YOU CANT EVEN GET AN S WITH YI WITHOUT AT LEAST 5 PENTAS HE NEEDS A MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR NERF {{champion:11}}
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