Nutty Master tier Kha'zix OTP feedback on Kha.

Hey guys Nutty here and i just wanted to put my thoughts on Kha's current state somewhere. In patch 6.3 I think Kha is in a pretty good state and does not need anymore direct buffs or changes. The only problem with Kha currently is the meta is insanely bad for him. Adcs have so many defensive options that you can almost never assassinate them once they get those items. Steraks, Iceborn, GA, maw etc. make it almost impossible for Kha to get in combo a poor positioned target and get out. It's just not rewarding to play Kha because you're suppose to punish poor positioned squishy targets but you try to do that execute it perfectly yet don't get the kill or end up dying. Another thing bad for Kha is that every champ that he counters or is favored to play against is not even close to meta currently. I can name so many champs that Kha'zix just destroys all game long but they are never played. So I just want to say Kha is in a perfect spot but I'm just waiting for the meta to shift and some items to get nerfed because most defensive items like steraks are just super strong right now.
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