every game is a shutout!

This is exactly like season 8. whether I win a game comes down to who has the biggest feeder or afk on their team. I can carry or I can suck. It doesn't matter. Winning and losing is just a coin toss of whether or not my team has the feeder. Its stupid. it makes trying to climb ranked an arduous task. It just doesn't even matter how I play. Games don't feel evenly matched at all. Every game is a shutout. Riot you need to fix this. It makes your game awful to play. Your matchmaker has been garbage for years. People complain and complain. They post screen shots demonstrating mis-matched players. When will you address this? It's in the top 3 problems with this game. I will say thanks for finally reducing some of the damage in the game with the last patch. I think there is a lot more to be done though.
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