What noob mistakes did you make starting out?

Just wanted to get some other players experiences when they first started the game. For me personally I started whatever season yasuo came out and was the first champ that I actually bought, because I mean he was a badass swordsman/samurai dude. But for the life of me I could not figure how his ult worked besides reading it multiple times. (Mind you this is like my third game of league ever) and also how his q stacking worked until a few games. Also one of friends recommended that I try out Lee sin as a starting champion. Yeah I'm pretty sure he was trolling me. But I did and started to learn jungle. Now this was before you could upgrade your jungle item and smite champions so I would run to gank a lane and spam my smite button on enemy champions trying to figure out why it wasn't working and not doing like 600 damage to them. Took me reading it a few times to finally figure it out that champions are indeed not monsters lol. And I think the last facepalm I did was I was adc one game because all the other roles were called. Me having no idea what an adc was I googled it really quick and best answer I got was a champion that does attack damage. So I was like okay too easy, and locked in tryndamdere. You can imagine how that leaning phase went. Anyways I think that's about it until I can think of anymore, you all have similar experiences or [removed by moderation] ? Lol

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