Seriously, can we stop pretending Mages NEED Rylais?

I see so many people say that Rylais is 100% necessary for their beloved mages to succeed. Newsflash!: Their kits were designed to work on their own. Brand's job is NOT to permaslow you with his 4 second passive or just keep you slowed long enough for his spells to kill you. He's supposed to be this explosive AoE Nuker who'll obliterate the entire enemy team with his 3 stack AoE passive. That's what he's supposed to be, no Rylais needed, just enough damage to do so! Viktor's job is to just reign supreme in Teamfights with strong AoE spells- He has a huge AoE Slow/stun/Knockup field, a strong AoE Nuke, a mobile Q kite spell and a devastating AoE team fight nuke cloud Syndra's job is NOT to slow you with repeated Q spams that lead up into a R instakill just cause she managed to keep you slowed long enough for her to kill you. She's about setting up her balls, stun you and kill you with the setup she had with managing her balls Nidalee's job is NOT to slow you with long ranged spears and go for a kill after repeatedly having hit it and kept you in range to all in you. The pattern is clear; Rylais provides an ADDED bonus to these champion's kit, not something that's 100% necessary. In fact I'd argue that the slow is excessive power and being abused just because the item offers a ton of AP: Seriously, anyone who thinks it should be a core part of a Mage's build is either: A) High B) Dumb as heck C) A masochist or, most likely D) A mage main EDIT; Can we all agree that at LEAST the AP and Slow should be lowered?
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