Tanks are useless in this game now we are out damage/mobile/tank.

Seriously by the time you even finish your first tank item no matter what ADC will be doing 200-300 dmg to a tank with their own first time. I keep on getting btched at because I die a lot with tank but the main reason is because of stupid balance giving so much damage. Tank items cost a fortune but the return in game profit is so pure crap. Damage items practically have damage + built in Crit/Cool down/life steal/% hp damage built in to them now where as tank only have Armour plus a effect that is only useful when you have 3 items into the game. Like god damn look at the top champion tiers right now makes me laugh. If your team suck even when you get them fed there is no way of carrying because I'm playing a tank where as champions that go high damage can delete me and for some reason feels like they tank more damage then I do. Example?{{champion:24}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:82}} these guys aren't tank but for some reason their item build lets them have so much damage while having so much hp. I don't expect to win vsing a 1v1 on a tank but I DO EXPECT to at least survive or beat a fool who is caught out like ADC, not to be out mobile/damage by them even though I cc them to oblivion with over 300 armour. Funny part is they even have lower cool down for their skills/mobility. Seriously balance in this game is horrible that it makes me question if it's better for this game to die off so Riot actually takes feed back more serious.
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