How does one deal with Pantheon?

Can someone tell me how to play vs. pantheon? I don't come across one a lot but when I do I just find it to be terribly boring and unfun because I can't seem to counter play him at all. I play mostly assassins or bruisers that need to walk up for farm or trades, but vs pantheon he can just q me out of lane if I try to farm. No matter how passive I play I always get poked out of lane at least three times. Even if I'm farming under tower he just walks up, q's me, w stuns, channels an e, and then walks away after igniting me and gets a free kill without even taking damage from a single tower shot. I don't want to be wasting a ban on him every game when there's a large variety of other champions I would rather ban, but I can't seem to deal with it. Even if he gets to late, his split push potential is still insane and can easily duel me when I go to answer his push. Please help me out here. i find him extremely annoying to deal with due to his kit that leaves me little to no room for counterplay (at least in my opinion).
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