Matchmaking issues you're still ignoring, Riot.

_Season 7_ 1. Long time wait (usually over 6 minutes in dia+) 2. Fair teams. Division difference is ±2 divisions ( i.e. d2 plays with d3 d4 d1 and rarely master) 3. Healthier gameplay Overall a good machmaking _Season 8_ 1. Shortened time wait (below 3 minutes in all elos) 2. Unfair teams. Division gap is above 3 in a regular game (d1 plays with d5) 3. Players get frustrated Games are decided on who has higher ranks in their team and better champions not by skill between two individuals of similar elo. _Season 9_ 1. Kept the shortened time wait (below 3 minutes in all elos) 2. Unfair teams. The division gap is even greater now where plat plays with silver 1. 3. Players get frustrated and tilted easier. Games are done within 15 minutes where players just give up after 12-13th miunute. Games are decided on who is going to have that silver player in a plat elo game. Champions being broken > players knowing how to play a champion. It doesn't matter if you have an insanely good macro and wave manipulation in early game with TF when the enemy picks irelia and just obliterates you with a few basic attacks within 5 seconds on level 2 making your macro knowledge irrelevant. Conclusion - Matchmaking needs to be hardly "reworked". League of Legends is not (or at least it shouldn't be) an arcade game in a game store where u just put a coin and start busting that pinball to hit the highest score. Benefit of having a higher queue time is also to make players untilt a bit after losing a game that made them heavily tilted. I believe all players will agree with me that they will rather wait 6-7 minutes for a game that's gonna be rather fair in terms of division gap if nothing else, rather than having a 2 RANKS lower player in their or in the enemy team where they will just get obliterated by the enemy team due to the low game knowledge of that particular individual, or will obliterate the enemy for the same reason. It's about having fun, not just winning. I personally don't like winning a game where for some reason enemy team got stuck with 2 ranks lower player that has nothing to do in that elo so he just gets flamed at for being bad while his team can't recover and potentially turn the game around and win.

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