Riot encourages players to give up a game. UNACCEPTABLE.

It's one thing if the players themselves want to give up because they don't see any chance to victory, and another for RIOT THEMSELVES encouraging them. Just finished watching the game between Clutch Gaming vs Echo Fox, where the game crashed at around 32 minutes, and because there was no way of recreating the game back to that point and continue on playing, the Riot officials decided to stop the game and award the victory to Echo Fox, who at the time were up 10k gold and one inhibitor, stating that "because they were so far ahead, there was no real possibility that CG could get back in the game, so we are awarding the victory to FOX". Now, to me, that's unacceptable. For one, how the fuck do you decide to just terminate a match and hand over a victory like that? Remaking the game isn't the best solution, but I can't just accept you just handed over a victory like that. What does this mean? What is the example you are giving to the players in the community? That games are basically over if a team has a 10k lead? Or if they are an inhibitor down? Before the crash happened, CG actually won a small fight where they killed one guy, so a comeback, even though unlikely, was entirely possible. What am I supposed to think as a solo Q player? Oh, look, we are down 3 towers at 15 minutes, might as well surrender, because Riot themselves said the chances of winning are minimal. Oh, by the way, someone said no to the surrender vote, might as well just AFK now, since Riot agrees that it's pretty much a waste of time to try and come back. We all know how most games go. Most of them are a stomp that are decided around 10 minutes and the chance of a comeback is low. I don't think anyone denies it. Trying to come back in most games is an impossible task, and the effort that's required is almost never worth it. But now, if Riot embraces it, where does it lead us? Are we supposed to surrender if we're down an X amount of gold now? Is AFKing acceptable now? Is it trolling and an offense if you don't surrender under certain conditions? Honestly, I'm lost for words. I can't possibly understand how they can just hand over a victory like that. Unacceptable, both to the losing team for their effort, but also to the community who is supposed to be having the correct standards shown by the game's creators, at least. This is a huge middle finger to all those players who were penalized because they AFKed in lost matches. Fuck you, Riot.
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