Unpopular opinion: increase movement speed across the board to reduce damage

As the seasons passed we transitioned from unavoidable point and click damage into skillshots and other fancy abilities that, *usually* have counterplay. The issue we face in today’s game is too much damage, too much mobility (in the form of dashes), and too much unreducible cc. A way to artificially fix this problem would be to simply buff the movemet speed of champions as well as the soft cap to movement speed by 10–30%. My preferred number being 15-20%. What this does is reduces the comparative advantage of dashes and increases the amount of missed skillshots, leading to overall reduced damage, reduced cc, and reduced effective mobility, on top of encouraging more vigorous and fast paced macro. A simple solution that would solve many of the game’s current issues. This might require a slight buff to objectives to make it so that be reduced time travelling doesn’t mean the objectives disappear faster. Your thoughts?
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