Do not support Eternals if you want it to be free

/dev: Exploring Eternals
Hey everyone! Eternals, our new champion-based achievement feature that lets you showcase personal accomplishments for your favorite champs, is heading to PBE for release on 9.17. You can read all about how to unlock and equip Eternals in the FAQ.
For Dota 2 veterans, this’ll be quite similar, in fact, nearly the same. Like Hero Relics in Dota 2, eternals is a way to get achievements and record stats and achievements. Sadly, like Dota 2, it’s also behind a pay wall. I really don’t understand they thought making it behind a paywall was a good idea. Getting personal achievements should be locked till a specific level, not locked behind money. Why did they look towards Dota 2 and CS GO to this idea, with a shitty money model? This is beyond me.

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