Fix raptors already. Now, not midway through the season.

Honestly, this change to one camp was the single worst change of the entire season. It bottlenecked jungle viability completely. If you do not have an aoe ability that procs hunters talisman you simply cannot afford to do raptors. You're limited to 3 camps plus the buffs and only after you have completed tiamat can you clear the raptors. It is no surprise right now that new Warwick is looking on the weak side. In fact quite a few people are starting to pick him top because he struggles way too hard to clear the jungle. Mind you, clearing healthily used to be Warwick's niche back in the day. Back then (season 1 and before) Warwick was king of the jungle alongside udyr. And now post rework Warwick is worse at clearing than he was a week ago. I suspect he will be good at some point but right now i would not put him on the list of competitive junglers what so ever. And the biggest reason for this struggle? Raptor camp. Can't do it. Now if his e did damage, even just 1 damage, that might be a different story. But i don't think that direction is the one that should be taken. Just revert the camp back to four raptors already. You are going to do it. Just do it now instead of strangling away jungle diversity for patches to come.
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