I feel like the next class update needs to be divers.

Frankly, I'd love a Tank/vanguard update as much as the next top laner, but as it stands divers currently are a complete and utter mess right now. You've got champions like {{champion:92}} and {{champion:157}} who are skirmishers but play very similar to divers, {{champion:56}} and{{champion:131}} who are as mobile and bursty as assassins, and now Camille which is already causing some problems with her release. Honestly I think this could be good, it could solve two of the biggest (not necessarily most prominent) problems faced in the current meta: Differentiating The assassin class from the diver class (When should I pick stealth vs all in) and making High skill champions have more visible counters and overall less frustrating to play against without removing what people like about playing them. And we already have two contenders for Talon/Malzh level updates that I've started seeing frequently on the boards {{champion:266}} {{champion:23}} (I don't even know if Trynd's a dive fighter or a skirmisher anymore. But it would be cool for him to be a diver because of the whole barbarian/undying theme)

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