Edge of Night isn't Doing What Riot Promised

Edge of Night was supposed to be an item for assassins that allowed them to go in on opportune moments without fear of being instantly CC locked. It was supposed to require planning, forethought, and critical decision making. With the promise that it would not nor could it be easily abused. But it does NOT and it CAN, in fact, be abused and is often abused. Its active has both a short cooldown AND a long duration, allowing for plenty of time to abuse it or merely intimidate enemies into cowering away, knowing that the first person to try engaging is dead. It turns any AD champion who builds it into a bully, not an assassin. On top of which it combines insane AD stats with lethality WITH a decent amount of magic resistance. If Edge of Night is to function as intended, three things need to happen. 1. Reduce the duration that the shield can remain active. 2. Increase the cooldown of the active. 3. Increase the out of combat channel on its active from 3 to 4 or 5 seconds.
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