Why everyone considers Vayne to be a dedicated tank buster ADC?

It is not that she is not good at killing tanks, she is actually very good at killing them. But on my opinion the actual tank buster ADC is {{champion:96}} with his mixed damage, % damage on his W, and resistance shred, while Vayne is more of a duelist ADC. Most ADCs are poor duelists, but Vayne is the exception. With the ability to self peel with Q and her ult, her true damage based on max health, and her Condemn, she can 1x1 just about any champion in the game, especially when at full build. The actual reason why she has % true damage is to allow her to outduel anyone. The ability to bust tanks is just a bonus, as she needs to outduel anyone and that includes tanks. TL:DR: Why she is "sold" as a dedicated anti-tank ADC when the real anti-tank ADC is Kog'Maw and she is actually a dedicated 1x1 ADC?
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