I went against Lucian top

It was complete BULL SHIT. Maybe I played it wrong, maybe I just had the wrong champ. I picked first and went J4 so the pick order was in his favor. Anyway, I felt completely useless. He immediately froze the lane and harassed me any time I went to farm. If I burned Q to farm, it left me with no escape. He then proceeded to do the bull shit Lucian dash double AA star double AA one more AA (whatever the bull shit como is) to chunk me about 3/4 hp. If i tried to harass him, he just dashed away or to some awkward angle where I couldn't get my combo off. All he did was perma shove. If I ult, he just dashes out and kites (TOO MANY CHAMPS ARE ABLE TO ESCAPE J4'S ULT). I died a few times sitting at my own tower. I only received one gank, but fuck that I shouldn't have to plan my lane around receiving ganks. What did I fuck up? How can I punish this stupid ass champ in the top lane? He felt more bull shit than Vayne or Yasuo top tbh. I honestly feel like this ridiculous champ needs to have some damage taken away, but I need to figure out how to deal with him if he's gonna be going into other lanes besides bot.
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