Teemo MS buff

So, the recent buff with the mushroom stacks is really just a buff for bad teemo players. The only time i find it useful is if I die, i'm not sitting on full stacks or i'm not sitting on them for as long. The extra bounce is really niche too, like i only use it contesting baron or dragon from over a wall or something lategame. I've played a lot of teemo, and i see something that doesn't thematically fit. Teemo is the "swift scout", yet he's outrun by most of the fucking champs on the rift. Like wtf. Over half the champs have a higher base ms than him, and then when you take into account the speed boosts, ranged instant cast slows ( {{champion:27}} W or {{champion:48}} E) and the dashes, the sheer amount of mobility that has come into the game, it can be easy to just run right up to the "swift scout". He's not swift. Even maxing w second he's not fast. He doesn't need damage. He didn't need more shrooms. They're nice, but, teemo doesn't need more of his skill which gets countered by duskblade and red trinket and red ward. He needs more of something that lets him be skill expressive. MS would do that. Tweak his AS down a little, and maybe his early e poison dot and q base. Don't touch his on hit or his base ad, he's hard enough to cs with early. Even Ipav bitched about that. I think it would be iffy touching his base hp or his resistances. Make him more of a hit and run kind of champion that's actually able to do the run part. I think taking him to 335 or 340 base MS would be really healthy. Nerf his dot and/or burst. try not to hurt his early CSing, and it would make him way more skill expressive and fit thematically. It just doesn't make sense that the "swift scout" gets outran by over half the roster at lvl 1. Either this or make his W a slow cleanse. Like it doesn't break any hard cc, but it will instantly remove all slows on him. something to make him more skill expressive. His shrooms and his invisi get countered by trinkets and shit. His burst is his burst, burst isn't fun for the game. Give him something that lets him do cool counter/outplay stuff, which makes him skill expressive. I think a burst nerf would do this. take some of his dot too, or maybe even AS, and then make him play around his ms a little more. Make it his asset. That would justify everything in the game oneshotting him, as then he'd actually have a tool to avoid it. Either that or make a rune for DOT champs that doesn't suck with teemo by revealing him. He needs something.
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