Remove Zoe from the game until you can come up with a better kit for her.

There are plenty of Champions I've hated playing against in my years playing League (cough{{champion:107}}cough) but it's almost always been either a numbers game that could be tweaked with buffs/nerfs, or a single problematic spell in an otherwise fine kit ({{champion:53}} ). Zoe, however, is the first time I've ever felt a Champion should've _never been released at all._ Her entire kit, every last part of it, is the epitome of 'bad design choices' and lack of fore-planning. Lane-length oneshots with a single spell, the most absolute hardcore RNG I've _ever_ seen, **rewarded for MISSING her abilities,** the ability to cover all her own weaknesses with ease, and a complete lack of cooldowns or mana costs. A kit this inherently toxic and unbalanceable should have never been released into a competitive game environment, and it should be removed from that environment until properly addressed.
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