All this Kindred hate, jeez.

People are already calling her boring without even playing her. Sure, the way that they deal damage is the same as every other ADC out there, since they're an ADC. You can't really make basic attacks all that different. And sure, they deal some %HP damage, but that's to help them kill tanks, just like other ADCs. So what is interesting? 1) The zone created by wolf, dealing extra damage to targets inside, and making them more mobile but only inside that zone. 2) Making an ADC be viable in the JUNGLE. 3) Their passive, permanently stacking damage on champion and monster kills, that could be anywhere around the map. It's kind of like Veigar's Q mixed with Garen's villain mechanic, but much more interesting, since it has a lot of mind games that could go along with it. 4) THeir ultimate. Very very unique. It could be used for good, like evening the difference in health between 2 teams or denying dives. Or it could backfire, letting an enemy get away. I love this new champion. EDIT: They, not she. ;)
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