Urgots W should gain bonus damage off of any Attack Speed built

For the past few patches Urgot’s been in a pretty decent spot; good at killing squishies, good at dueling tanks, and all around a fun and interesting addition to the top lane. However, with the nerf to the bonus attack speed gained from putting points into Percision, there’s been a pretty noticeable decline in his winrate, which brings up an important issue for the future of the champ; any changes to masteries and items to keep adcs in check are extremely likely to hurt a champion with little negative impact in the game. Now, there are two ways to handle this; his attack speed could be buffed a little bit and we wait around until the next crop of adc nerfs where he’ll need to be buffed again, or we could do what I’m proposing which is to add bonus damage to his W based off of any attack speed he builds (similar to Jhin’s passive,) allowing him the ability to actually build the items he’s receiving indirect nerfs on account of, reinvigorate his ability to fight tanks, and even open up new viable build paths for him (Trinity Force, for instance.)
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