Suggestion For Upcoming Akali Rework

With Akali planned for the next rework, I would like to suggest that she be made into a semi-tanky high-sustain skirmisher/diver rather than a hyper-mobile 1-shot Assassin. A couple seasons ago, Akali went through a phase where she was played as a tanky fighter. In my opinion, that was the heathiest she has ever been. I can see a good longterm place for Akali amongst the Ionian Shadow Ninja order on a spectrum of tanky-fighter to full-assassin: {{champion:98}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:238}} Where Akali would have a higher damage output than Shen, but a much lower burst potential than Zed. She could be tanky enough to survive most burst but without Shen's level of CC, utility, or survivability. Her niche could be excelling at frequent skirmishes to whittle down her opponents along with high potential to switch between targets. Akali could be given short-lived bursts of in-combat tankiness followed by out-of-combat sustain. For example, Akali's Twilight Shroud could allow her to repeatedly enter and exit stealth (as it does currently but perhaps with some tweaked mechanics), after being stealthed for at least 1 second, Akali could gain a shield that blocks 50% of incoming damage (maximum 100-200 +75% of Armor/MR damage blocked) for 1-2 seconds. Akali's could also gain healing over 5 seconds for 20% of magic damage that she deals. This would make it so that Akali's playstyle would work best to fight for short periods, then retreat into the shadows for a few seconds to sustain, then resume fighting, and rinse in repeat until the dust of the fight settles. As compensatory nerfs to pay for her teamfight survivability, she would have her damage output reduced so that she no longer outright bursts champions. Her damage could be specialized into sustained on-hit damage and she could be encouraged to build {{item:3115}} by making Mark of the Assassin not consumed by attacking a target (but with a greatly reduced damage dealt). She could also lose the slowing effect on Twilight Shroud since she'll have a shield to help her survive when escaping instead. Akali's ultimate could be updated so that Shadow Charges are stored on specific enemy champions, so that Akali can frequently dash between different targets during fights but she can't repeatedly dash to the same target. She could also get an interaction with Mark of the Assassin to allow her to regain Shadow Charges on targets somehow, perhaps by having autoattacks against a target reduce the recharge cooldown. I am imagining some sort of AP skirmisher/diver build like this for her: {{champion:84}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3157}} Where she wouldn't have the damage to 100-0 anyone or the health to face-tank duel like a juggernaut, but she would have the resistances to survive burst attempts against herself combined with the sustain in-between trades to let her win prolonged duels if she fights well. Her scaling with resistances in the example Twilight Shroud description above combined with pseudo-health from her sustain would encourage her to build tanky without health, which is sort of the opposite of Juggernauts and adds some uniqueness to her itemization.

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