RIP Syndra

{{champion:134}} was a 50% win rate, middle-of-the-pack champ that actually took skill to play and they felt the need to nerf her into the ground. Her base Q dmg reduction I have some understanding of and it returns to what it was at Q rank 5, but the hit box reduction on her stun is a MASSIVE nerf. I can't even play this champ anymore. She feels like complete trash tier. She's sub 42% win rate now and I think it's hard to make the claim that people just aren't good at her new changes yet. A lot of the people who play Syndra have lots of games on her including myself because she takes time to get her mechanics down. The stun is literally going through people on East coast ping. I feel like I have no ability to make plays with the smaller stun hit box. Is anyone else experiencing this? How do we explain an 8% drop in win rate? I feel like Riot's balancing priorities are a bit off.
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