A message from a jungler to all lanes!

"_**P.S.: I posted this on Reddit [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/dt76a8/a_message_from_a_jungler_to_all_lanes/), with more details and comments, if you care to check it out. I hope you have a good read!**_ " Dear laners, I'm a main jungler and I'm getting sick and tired of your BS excuses to why you lost your lane and you blaming me for all your mistakes. So let me make things clear for you all laners, who know nothing about playing jungle, and let me give you the most important **_guidelines_** that you all need to follow **every single game** to win lane, and eventually the whole game: * When I say " _I don't need a leash_ ", that means I'm going to solo the god damn camp to allow you to go to your lane early and start your wave management for an easy early laning phase. I don't want your help... just fuck off already and go dominate your lane early, if you can! Also, I don't want the enemy team to know where I start my jungle sequence. * When I say " _I'mma gank your lane at lvl 3_ " I expect YOU to set up the gank for me. How? You trade in lane, you chunk them down a little bit, you save your mana/CDs and you don't push early, for an easy gank (_unless I specifically tell you I'mma dive them at lvl 3, depending on the matchups_). So if you push early, and the enemy team is still full HP, if you go oom in lane before I come, if you use your CDs while I'm about to come to your lane, don't give me that BS about " _where is that gank at lvl 3, hein?!_ " Yeah, no shit, sherlock, how do you expect me to dive a full HP laner at lvl3 while also surviving? * When I ping " **?** " or " ! " in the river or in the jungle, that means that the enemy Jungler is there or most likely there. And when I ping on your lane, that means you're about to get ganked if you don't back the fuck off! So if you die ~10 sec after I spammed pinged the whereabouts of the enemy jungler, it's not my fault, it's your own damn fault! * When I ping " _**on the way**_ " while I'm doing a jungle camp, that does NOT mean to engage right away, that means " _prepare yourself, I'mma finish this camp real quick and gank for you!_ ". So, don't be stupid, save your CC and your CDs for when I'm there and don't get engaged on or poked out of the lane before I get there. * When I declare my intent to gank for your lane, ping the enemies' summoner spells if they used them early on. Type it in chat if necessary! Infos exchange before ganks is crucial! * When the enemy jungler ganks you and you survive with a sliver of health, please RECALL! Don't get greedy for that canon or for that wave that's crushing into your turret. I know, it sucks to lose all that cs, but if you're low HP, you're gonna get dove 100%, so you're gonna lose the wave anyway, so be smart, be safe, just back the fuck off the lane! * Buy {{item:2055}} {{item:2055}} {{item:2055}} {{item:2055}} {{item:2055}} {{item:2055}} {{item:2055}} for fuck sake! It pisses me off to end a game and realize that only me, and the support, are buying control wards. EVERYONE should buy control wards, especially for when we're doing drakes and Baron! Yes, even you mister ADC.... even you! So, I don't wanna see anyone leaving the base with 75g or 150g... just buy the god damn wards, it will save your ass and win you games, trust me! * If you're getting camped by the enemy jungler, that means that he's made it his mission to make your life miserable this game! So, just accept the fact that you're getting camped and play safe. Hug your turret if necessary. Don't give away anymore kills and just wait for me to come help you. Chances are, if you're getting camped, I'm camping their other lanes as well. It all depends on our win condition, my friends... **WIN CONDITION**! If you're useful and playing well, I'll come for you, don't worry. If not, just stay back and survive, you're irrelevant anyway, so just don't feed and let us carry you! * Speaking of win condition: When I'm camping a lane and I don't gank for your lane, that means I'm focused on that lane this game. If, say, you're playing {{champion:16}} + {{champion:81}} bot lane, but my top lane is playing {{champion:92}} vs {{champion:122}}, I'mma camp that bitch because of how volatile the matchup is and she can carry us to victory. So, just play safe bot lane, as you should, since your champs are safe to begin with! * If you're losing lane hard, and I'm not ganking for you, that means I'm focusing on getting our winning lanes ahead. So, if you're a 0/4 {{champion:22}}, don't spam ping me for help, because I won't come for you, because I'm busy getting our 2/0 {{champion:105}} even further ahead to carry us later! I have other shit to do than to babysit a losing lane that won't offer anything significant in terms of teamfighting or split pushing... * If I know that the enemy jungler is invading me and I ping it ahead of time, move your ass down to where I ping and help me get the mofo out of my jungle! Even if you lose cs for it, me winning back my jungle and getting the exp I need will eventually translates into a gank for you, seconds after! _Help me now, I help you later_! If you don't come help me get control back over my jungle, guess what happens next?! The enemy jungler is ahead of me now and he's gonna start ganking even more and make all of your lives even more miserable... So be smart and help your jungler out... yes, that's right! junglers don't only help you, they also need help sometimes! * If I ping that I'm going for the scuttle crab, please move to the river! You don't need to help me kill it or stay there to watch me kill it. You just need to move with me for, like, 1 or 2 sec. I need the enemy team to know that I got backup so they won't try to collapse on my ass and kill me. This is especially more important if I gank for you and give you lane priority so that you can help me secure the crab/dragon/herald, and then you just ignore me and recall and throw the lead I created out of the window. * If I gank for you several times and give you a lead over your opponent(s), I expect you to win lane. If you lose lane afterwards, you're just bad! Even more, if you lose 1v1 (or 2v2), you just got outplayed! Which means, you suck! * If I make a call for drake or Baron, I expect all of you to come with me to the baron/dragon pit. If say " _just bait it_ ", that means don't hit the god damn thing and just set up a trap for the enemy. Otherwise, just burst it down! I prefer for you to commit with me than you being pussies and not wanting to kill the objective because you wanna farm or something. If the call ends up being bad, I'll take responsibility for it! I hate it when we make a call for baron and the ADC just goes to my jungle and farm, or pushes a lane alone and get picked out, when he's the one who's supposed to burst down the baron with us... * If I push the wave to the turret after a gank, that's me helping you reset the wave while getting some gold/exp for my troubles. Don't be a bitch about it and spam ping me to back off the lane, stop crying, JESUS! * If I'm 6/0, just trust me to carry the early to mid game! If our team is losing 11 to 20 kills, it doesn't mean it's over, it just means we fucked up the early game. I can get us back into the game if you just believe and stop spamming /ff every goddamn moment! _**Watch the G2 vs SKT games for motivational purposes**_. * I'm a jungler, so I need to farm my camps. There will be some downtime moments where junglers are just farming, so don't be impatient and spam pings every damn seconds! * And finally, keep in mind that I'm just one person playing one champion. I can't be at all 3 lanes at once! Also, I'm only human, so if I fuck up a gank, I know I fucked up and I'll do better next time. no need to flame me and go afk/int because I fucked up one gank! Also, if I take some kills early on, don't be salty about it. I need to snowball early if I wanna have an impact on the game. Afterall, junglers fall off late game, so let me shine while I can, I guess! Anyway, this is my letter to all of you laners that love to hate on junglers all the time. I hope you understand these guidelines, that will help you win more games, and understand why your (decent) jungler is doing the things he's doing the way he's doing them. I know that there are some bad junglers out there who really suck at their job. But for all of us decent ones, I hope we reach a mutual understanding. In the hope that this will help make the Rift a better place, all is left for me to say is: Have a nice day and good luck in your games. _Cräfty_.

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