Yasuo hate train

WELCOME ABOARD (warning this post contains only 1% fact, 98% salt, and 1% hot gas) I finally have come to the conclusion that I am a "filthy noob" and should "git gud" because I can't stand Yasuo. There is nothing fun about going against him at any given point. I'm not even concerned about his balance currently (although I also am salty about that too) At what point is Yas going to not be an absolute burden to play against. Even when Yasuo isn't even considered a logical meta pick, laning against him is a full-time job, filled with non interactive passive shielding and being unsafe in your own minions. And good luck if you have a skillshot. You might as well build a tear because that's the only way spending any mana will be worth it. "Well mister if you build some armor he will do less damage" oh he certainly will do less damage but just give him a phantom dancer and it doesn't matter because he out tanks you. Throw in a dash of Conqueror and you got a healthy dish of squishy bursting and tank shredding. "Just play safe and waveclear" No problem buddy, I will just let him push in the wave with zero restraints while I hope my mana bar decides to fill up again. Then I'll go grab a ball gag and a leash so I can just be his Bi- Of course I could just play close to turret range and he can't dive me. SIKE!!! Riot decides to code that if he would be placed in turret range because his ult should put him behind the opponent, it instead will try to put him outside of it. (If he would be placed in turret range and there is no way he can be placed out of it though it will put him under turret. People complain about champions that are just balls of stats (old poppy) but Yasuo's passive is like "hey man I heard you like crit, so I put some crit on your crit. Also here is a shield, don't ask about why" Then he ults and its like "don't worry about that armor man, I'll just get rid of that for you. Also here is a shield, don't ask about why" But the main reason that I find Yasuo to a completely gross as a character is his windwall. Once you have finally hit him to get rid of his shield, and he managed to dash to all of the minions in the lane, and you have cleared the minions in the lane so as to not lose CS, you can finally launch that projectile (point and click or not) just to have it windwalled right before your very eyes. And god forbid you and your team try to teamfight because he is going to dip, dash, dive, dodge, and dash. You better have the fastest hands in the west because clicking on that man is impossible. To conclude, Yasuo may not be broken (I can accept that he isn't OP at all points in the history of league) but he is undoubtedly my least favorite champ to go against. It's just not fun in the slightest to be in a lane against him and he seems to have a lot of extra stuff kinda tacked on. Edit: If anybody wants to discuss anything please feel free to comment, I want to see others' point of view on this.
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