Idea for Leblanc's (E) Ethereal Chains

Hello. I thought of a useful thing to add to Leblanc's (E) ability to make it more reasonable and understandable. Basically, let Ethereal Chains (E) have an indicator, so both Leblanc and the target enemy affected know how far the tether range is from the end of it. So for example, Ethereal Chains current range is 925 units. An indicator such as a different colored tether, or brighter, or thickness, can be added about 100-150 units from the end, to show how close you are to the end. This is useful for a few reasons. One, both Leblanc and target enemy affected know how much more tether length is left (as mentioned earlier). Second, this will give the target enemy an opportunity to think whether or not they can or should attempt to get out of the tether range, by way of a Flash, dash, jump ability, etc. (Sometimes you, as the affected target, try to escape tether range, only to waste your ability or Flash, for nothing. This indicator would make it more fair for the target enemy.) Lastly, it just makes Leblanc's Ethereal Chains easier to notice and see; basically, it clarifies the gameplay interactions. What ideas do you have about Leblanc's Ethereal Chains (E), or just Leblanc in general? Thank you for reading!
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