You have trampled over the old design philosophies of league, and the imbalance they prevented

It's quite clear that the design philosophy of the current balance team is nothing resembling that of the earlier days of league, let alone just a few years ago. This isn't to call out the current team for destroying the game, no, I actually adore some of the features that have been created and feel that they have made leaps and bounds on improvements for League of Legends. **However,** I believe that in the desire to move forward and improve the state of the game, that the design team has forgotten very core principles and balance states of the past that, quite literally, prevented the game from destroying itself. Changes that have been made to these critical areas have since created balance issues, **to then be fixed by even further changes, and then those changes causing more problems**, accumulating and spiraling out of control into the catastrophic state of balance that we currently have. Many of the changes both small and radical, were implemented with a specific idea or concept in mind. Most of them never actually resulted in the expected outcomes and at the time, had such little impact that the change did not matter at all. Forgotten and discarded, these changes were never reverted and as such served as the root factors for various future updates after they **DID** become problems. The design team however, seems to have never took the step back to wonder "why a particular item/objective" is the way it is currently, rather they took the route to just adjust it to the current game state instead of looking back to it's intended purpose. #For example: {{item:3078}} Triforce in the past was an item that gave an inefficient mix of stats that was compensated by the fact that it's passive trigger was a very powerful ability. Not every champion could use the hybridized stats of AP, critical chance, and constant spell triggers. But those that could, used it well. Triforce was then streamlined into an ***ABSOLUTELY BATSHIT CRAZY ITEM*** with a melange of stats that quite literally synergized with itself. Every champion that could use this item should use it, but those that were good with it, became absolutely insane. As a result of this one change, a new era of Triforce users came about and they** subsequently had to be nerfed to the ground** as they were way too powerful with this item. **What was even the purpose of this change?** There was a very particular reason why Triforce was the item it was. It was an inefficient mix of stats **ON PURPOSE** because the item itself's passive is absolutely insane. So to compensate for that item's power, it had to lose some power in a different direction. You guys did not even bother to revert the changes to the item either! Instead opting to keep it around in it's current over tuned as hell state as a literal mine field of balance issues should any one of the current or future champions become viable with it's use. There are so many champions at the moment that if they are able to optimize Triforce, are absolutely unstoppable with that one single item spike. Patch after patch includes changes to champions that are tuned to be able to optimize this iteration of Triforce yet you guys don't see that it's not the champion,** rather this one particular item that's causing them to be so powerful.** #Another example: {{item:3116}} Here is an item on the opposite side of the spectrum. Rylai's was an item that enabled certain champions to function with it's passive. It was fairly expensive for it's stats but the ability to add a significant slow to your abilities meant that certain champions could reliably apply their damage and actually function. Rylai's was later changed to have a significantly weaker slow with the sole reason being that the new champion, Azir, could abuse it at the time. **Was the result of this change worth it?** Sure you gutted Azir for the time being (hint, he's still being played without it lol) but everyone else that actually built Rylai's as a core item to function has then since never built it as the weakened slow was simply not worth it's price point when there are other much more usable items in the same vein of use. Or they simply just didn't build it anymore. The champions that do still build it are champions that relied on it so heavily that even with the nonexistant slow, they actually needed it to barely function and took a huge hit for absolutely no reason. --------------------------- Anyway. There are so many more changes that have happened to the game such as, Bounty, Rift Heralds existance, tower protection, spree ending gold spread, death timer curve, runes, items, **GUINSOO'S RAGE BLADE**, champion base stats, Baron buff, specific champion buffs, That I could talk about but my post is already long. Let me know what you guys think. ____________ Edit1: Yes, my writing got significantly worse after my initial claim on design philosophies and the supporting arguments did not fully capture my intention and does seem to come off as rambling and or vauge. Let me reiterate then, Basically, Riots design team in it's current form has this habit of changing content for the game in an effort to improve it. However many of these changes sometimes end in a "Okay that's cool, but why?" To put it lightly at least, some of these changes carry extremely huge consequences. To carry off my example of Triforce, what was the need to streamline the item? Triforce then becomes extremely powerful with several nerfs to pertaining champions and as such the actual change to the item leaves players going "why". This was a clear change in design philosophy that cared little for the previous balancing principles of the past that kept Triforce in it's place, and therefore prevented the predicted, and already happened, nerfs to it's users. Now you can quite literally insert any other aspect of "recent" or "modern" League of legends, such as Rift Herald, Bounty, Death timer curves; You can see that these recent changes to said aspects have been absolutely differing from the design philosophies of the past and with it have ignored the obvious imbalances they prevented.
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