Janna WR: 49.0%, Karma WR: 47.9%, Lulu WR: 47.5%. Why have shielders been effectively deleted?

Buff shielders. They've had their kits AND items nerfed to the point that they've effectively been deleted. Now we're forced to get slaughtered by Alistar, Leona, Pyke, and Nami every game. I implore you. You must: 1. Revert shield duration and decay nerfs OR dramatically increase shield values 2. If shielders are still weak, then slightly increase shield power from items. Shielding and protecting is a playstyle that many of us enjoy. And yet, we can't do it because of excessive and non-sensical nerfs. Buff shielders and bring this identity back into the game. Weren't you just concerned about damage being too high? Shielders can fix that problem. Source: http://na.op.gg/champion/statistics
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