Camille is just old Shaco, but it's not Shaco so she isn't getting nerfed

When i say the phrase "LvL 2, red buff, appearing into your lane, high burst damage" a certain someone might come to mind {{champion:35}} and you'd be wrong it's actually {{champion:164}} except she stuns you and her burst is true damage, why is it that my champion gets gutted because of riots pure disdain for him but camille is allowed to have all the same problems ontop of being tanky ontop of having a useful ulti ontop of a shield, its ok tho, atleast i can build duskblade and have fun right clicking adcs who hopefully don't build ninja tabi because literally every other form of Shaco is dead, you know, the forms of him that are actually fun and have interesting mechanics, lets not listen to the Shaco community begging you to revert him to his old state, because whilst he was a terrible champion, he was atleast fun and could be played in multiple ways. i actually dread the thought of having to play this stale piece of shit in order to climb because the play style is so repetitive and so boring. RIP the Shaco i knew and loved, that i would get nervous and upset about it being banned in the champ select lobby. Fall in line with the rest of the brainless duskblade right clickers.
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