Bot lane is kinda...stale

Ever since I have been playing League bot lane has consisted of a ADC and a Support. My question is why? if you look at Top you can basically play anything you want because the nature of the lane is rather isolated from the main action so most champions can farm the lane and get out of the lane phase if they play well. Being a good top lanner is much more about wave management, back timing, and vision control. Mid lane is similar. Mid lane is a short lane so it does tend to favor champs who can wave clear better but it is harder to gank and has a bigger focus on roaming due to have access to more of the map and while mid lane tends to see mages or assassins other picks have popped up giving diversity. Bot lane is so restrictive because imo it is a duo lane. ADCs by themselves are really weak champions. Try and take a ADC in a solo lane and most of the matchups are not favorable and your lanner is just usually has more damage and more defensive stats than you. However ADCs make up for this by being some of the hardest scaling characters in the game along with being range lets them do considerable damage from safety if properly supported. Which is why they might suck solo but are one of the strongest duo partners. To go hand in hand with that supports are mainly force multipliers whether it is mitigating damage {{champion:201}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:267}} or buffing your damage or utility {{champion:37}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:117}} they don't rely on directly hurting the enemy but instead giving you a large advantage in the fight. So it only makes sense that the support/ ADC duo will be the strongest two champions you can put together for a lane. Not only do they suck solo but they are very strong together. Now maybe we don't want to change this maybe people have other things they rather see different but I feel like things could be a lot more interesting if we didn't make supports and ADCs so dependent on each other.
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