Tank Junglers should be reworked so that they aren't buried if they ever appear in LCS

Every year I see somebody like Sejuani get nerfed because LCS people play her and it gets frustrating. I could care less about LCS because I'm about as interested in watching other people play video games as I am in watching other people eat breakfast but I would like to enjoy MY OWN gaming experiences (and my own breakfast). I have been learning to play tank junglers for roughly 4 years now and have put hundreds of dollars into skins for them but it seems like they are given the short end of the stick more and more every year. It's hard enough that they can't solo objectives, they farm slow and they have little chance of beating Lee Sin, Xin and Graves for scuttle, (so they end up leveling poorly) but to have the extra hurdle of getting nerfed because the kids that have the worst online addictions ("pros") have selected them in their matches is incredibly frustrating. On top of that, the Meddler is going to nerf jungle experience even more next season, which puts them farther behind. Just look at all the jungle play rates. Riot is failing with keeping diversity in the jungle and has been for quite a long time. Their win rates may be close to 50% but that's meaningless because their numbers are thrown off with the incredibly low amount of people playing them. Players aren't stupid and they play who is good just as much as they play who is "fun." There was more diversity at their women's only class than there has been in season Graves.
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