Can we change Trinity Force's recipe more?

The current {{item:3078}} is garbage, catering only to caster ADCs and {{champion:41}}. This is compounded by the huge dedication to build it, both cost and time-wise, while a lot of the stats cannot be used in fast-paced metas like now. Remove {{item:3086}} from the recipe, add {{item:1043}} instead. Yeah, the crit and MS might be missed a little, but the MS can be pumped into its Rage passive instead, and most won't actually miss the crit that much. This allows the item to have a usable AS bonus, as opposed to a barely noticeable one, and adds a little on-hit damage, which bruisers love when gunning down an ADC. This will also allow the price to drop a little bit, making it a little more viable of a buy on a lot of champions who don't get an extreme power-spike from it. Why Riot is pushing the classic bruiser item towards ADCs just because pre-rework {{champion:96}}, {{champion:236}}, and {{champion:42}} found it worth building is beyond me. So basically 2 ADCs got the item reworked so they can abuse it even better. It needs things back that make it usable by more than just ADCs and the few champs with a 3 second or less CD ability. Nevermind the fact that 90% of the classic users would much rather use {{item:3124}} instead. There's no advantage to {{item:3078}} when {{item:3025}} and {{item:3071}} exist for stickiness, sheen procs, damage, etc. If you just want damage, {{item:3124}} is better because 100% of your gold goes into extremely slot-efficient offensive stats.
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