Possible Karma Mini-Rework?

Hello, I haven't been playing for the longest time (about 10 Months). I am not the best player, but I think I have a lot of knowledge of the game. In the last patch, Karma's Q AP Ratio was nerfed hard by 20%. She is my main and I play her on Full AP in the Midlane, but sometimes also as support or as a tank toplane. After these nerfs, I feel like the damage isn't gone, especially in the early game, but her scaling is honestly horrible now. I have seen some players here wanting a little Rework of her, so make her more viable and I thought about some things. I will say that I don't have any knowledge about balancing and so on, but I wanted to try. Also my opinion is a bit biased because she's my main. But here's what I have come up with: Passive - It's ok. It works well with her Kit and shouldn't get changed. Q - Inner Flame/Soulflare: - To nerf her toplane presence and make her early a bit weaker, nerf the Q Base damage by 25 on all ranks. - Revert and Increase the scaling of her Q (and R+Q) from 60% to 70% - I also thought about adding a missing health damage on the Field after R+Q for about 2/4/6/8% + 2% AP scaling, but I'm not sure what impact that has. I think it should be more punishable if you stay in the field. W - Focused Resolve/Renewal: - The Base W is fine in my opinion - Change/Weaken the Heal of her R+W to remove her from toplane: 25/50/75/100 base heal + 3% of missing health. This way, it will still make it viable and help her against the Assasin/Burst meta at the moment to have a heal, but shouldn't be too strong. - Instead the second Root of her R+W should deal additional damage: 15/40/60/80 + 20% AP Ratio. This should make it also more punishable to not break the teather and make R+W a more viable choice while in a Duel. E - Inspire/Defiance: - Increase the Cooldown by 0,5 or 1 second at all ranks, to not just be a shield bot and lower the AP Ratio on her shield strength by 10%. - Add back the Shield Bomb, which also impacts her passive: 100/150/200/250 + 50% AP Ratio. Honstly because everyone just wants this back. This will make her great at teamfighting and adds one more damage tool to her kit. - Addiotional (not so sure about it tho): R+E takes away 50% of all shields that are currently active and prevents any shielding for the next 3 seconds. I dont know if this works tho. R - Mantra: Stays how it is. These Changes will make her a good supportive Midlaner (like she was supposed to be, when she was released/reworked) and a solid Support and remove her from Toplane. {{champion:43}}
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