4 Years, and I'm tired.

It's been a while since I've started playing this game. Introduced by a friend of mine at the end of 2011, during this 4 entire year of LoL playing experience from time to time, up to this point, I have to say, I'm a little tired of this game. Before I criticize why I think the game is in a stale state and how it frustrating for me to feel any enjoyable, I appreciate all those works that have been done by all of the artists in terms of design. The amount of time of me investing into this game kept decreasing for the last two years, no actual major gameplay alterations, only differences in masteries, adding neutral camps, buff&nerfs, etc. Game result depends upon your teammates too much, you just farming in lane 1v1 then your teammates ended up super behind. yes I'm literally in elo hell, I'm not that good in this game, but does that mean I have to carry my teammates every single game? Does that mean when your are not making any mistakes, your team disadvantage cause you the game is fair? I just want to farm. I'm so tired of climbing the ladder, the first 10 placement games are too luck-dependent, since I'm in elo hell, I literally had teammates in one of the placement matches intentionally feeding so hard, that opponent adc got bf sword 4 mins in. Yes, report and they will get banned, but that doesn't compensate my loss for one placement game, I guess i'll stay in elo hell, and never touch ladder anymore this season, I'm not that skilled, the ratio of payouts and the outcome for climbing up is just too scary for me, playing 2-4 games per week is my psychological bearing limit. Tired of Riot's balancing as well, OP Champions rotating at top of the meta forever. I just feel like this game rewards tank so much, like in a teamfight, if you are a ranged mage/adc that doesn't have any gap-closer spell, you basically screwed if tank is diving on you, especially when your teammates don't know to peel for you, and brainlessly diving into enemy crowd. ADCs and support can't do anything once opponent tank/assassin is fed A Bruiser, for example: Mundo, can solo down a squishy carry even if him doesn't build any dmg item. The gold acquisition for all positions is not balanced at all, I can't believe even now with the new draft system people still arguing and fight for positions, even threats for afk if they don't get what they want. I don't even watch LoL E-sports anymore, the Koreans reign over anyways. I don't want to cheer up for any team anymore, because the game is irritating, I don't find good experience in it, competitive game is too frustrating for me, I just want to release pressure in game, not constantly dealing with toxic talk, blaming/ troll teammates. GG, thank you, Riot.
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