Can we get different Types of Target Dummies in Practice Tool?

Pretty self-explanatory, if you're like me and like to mess around in practice tool then you realized probably that you can't really test out something like how would a build work vs a 300 armor/Mr enemy or how would it work vs a 70 armor squishy,or how the fact that you can only choose a 10k hp dummy messes up some numbers when you use certain items like Botrk or Liandry . I'd just like to see some variety in the Dummy department implemented so we can better test some things vs high resistance targets,even better it would be to have the ability to invite at least 1 person,so many times i wonder which build is better for a 1v1 scenario but you can't really test that out in a regular game because there's too many variables,you could make a custom game but you'd still have to waste at least 15 minutes farming to get some items to test. Also you can't even test things like Tenacity in practice tool,at least have one dummy that can CC and show the time that stun/root/slow was in place so we can test out different options like Legend: Tenacity and how it pairs with merc treads
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