The "No Teambuilder" Prank isn't funny anymore Riot

Seriously Riot, stop trying to shove dynamic queue and 2+ roles down our throats. People want to play the champ and role that they like and teambuilder provided exactly that. Dynamic queue honestly feels like a downgrade. It feels like the game got a fancier skin (new champ select) but actually downgraded in quality because I can't just sit down and play a couple games with the champ and role I want anymore. Used to be if I wanted to play TF mid I'd just queue up for it for teambuilder. Now I gotta queue up and pick mid plus some other role I'm not good at and flip a coin and hope I somehow get to play mid that day. Edit: Well either that or go into blind pick, instalock TF and say "Mid only" but I'd rather not have to do that
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