“I can’t move my character”

Go watch any stream where someone is playing a melee champion and you will undoubtedly hear this several times. The fact of the matter is that CC is totally out of control in this game. CC is something that should’ve been largely only introduced into tank kits but now practically everything has it. And while there aren’t very many long lasting CC spells anymore, the fact is that chain-ccing literally requires no effort at this point. Something has to be done. There needs to be a diminishing effect on chain ccing a single target. Having the capacity taken away to actually control my character makes me not want to play this game at all. It’s not an enjoyable experience for the enemy team to not even need to use ultimate abilities to keep me in place, they can do it for everyone. And no, CC abundance is not a counter to mobility abundance because once you lock up a target, their mobility doesn’t mean anything. And even if that were true, one wrong doesn’t excuse another. And at the very least, mobile champions allow you to actually play the damn game because you can actually move. There are some things in place now that can make cc less effective and certainly mercs do help some, but they don’t do nearly enough. And while there are runes that can add tenacity, this really only works when you get far ahead - and at that point, is cc really gonna matter? It can, but chances are that it won’t. So please, for the love of god, systematically change chain cc. Don’t introduce some dumb item that adcs or assassins will abuse, make a systematic change that reduce its effectiveness then make tweaks where necessary.
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