So long and thanks for all the bullshit, Riot.

"One person cannot win you the game, but they can lose it for you." - Faker I'm so done. I'm so fucking done. I'm tired of all of this consistent bullshit. Kai'Sa be like "Oh, lets push Top during a teamfight and use all of my gold from kills on minions!" Kat be like "Oh well he won't gank my lane so I'm going to feed, CY@" and I'm just tearing my hair out because ***WHAT THE HELL, RIOT?*** Here's the thing, Riot: I came to this game after I had played and finished Dark Souls because I thought it'd also be one of those games where I can improve, see myself doing cooler shit as I improve, and see myself actually rank up from a lowly Iron/Bronze to a Gold. **HELL** fucking nah; I'm greeted with matches I don't influence even if I have the most damage, the most KP%, the most wards plopped the fuck down, the highest vision score, deep wards EVERYWHERE and mushrooms in key spots to avoid ganks and collapses. You treat me like I'm as good when I started as I am now, which is nonsense. I don't need to post anything more. This is some fucking B.S and I'm legitimately done. I'm either giving my account away to the first person who asks, or I'm changing my email to a temporary address and my password to a string of random characters. I can't be assed to put effort into a game if this is the sort of bullshit, this sort of match that's so bad, so frustrating it's _**insulting to my own personal skill**_ that I've been working to train up but apparently in the grand scheme of things means **fucking nothing.** I guess I expected more from a 'competitive game'... like, maybe actual competitivity instead of something faux and fake-feeling like this is. All of my wins, absolute stomps. All of my losses, absolute stomps. I have had the rare balanced game or two without an AFK or feeder of some kind, but they're too rare to be something to look forward to. It's too bad, too; I liked this game in S5 and 6, but ever since S7's midway I've felt less... desire to play. I guess it reaches a climax now and I'm done, forever? That's fine.
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