I hate the surrender button

The idea of it is fine but the psychology around it makes it annoying. "Having the surrender button makes players play worse when they realize they can get out of the game come the 15-20min mark" We have all seen games that had huge turn arounds later into the game. We have also seen countless games where the snowball is too heavy and so we just need to let the game end. Well its impossible to tell which games are the ones you can turn around and which ones are just the snowball ones when it comes to the surrender button. The moment all 4 of my teammates think its gg at 20 min we all leave and get booted out. And that time between 15 min and 20 min when all 4 of my teammates want out but I think we can turn it around they play super poorly either consciously or unconsciously. Just so they can end the game quicker. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personally I have the most fun when the game goes in to the later stages and we have to outwit the enemies. I enjoy when we are defending our base from all sides and can turn it around from their. I just enjoy the end of the entire game. And (guesstimating) 80% of my games I get blue balled by the surrender vote by my team or the other team. I don't know a solution to this besides for me just always saying no but seeing my teammates play poorly after losing first blood because it should be a ff just ruins this game for me.

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